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My Motor Gets Too Hot To Touch 1

Why my motor gets too hot to touch?

All the kinds of motors will get hot when running, that is called “Temperature Rising”, sometimes they can even make a fried egg.

Motor running with warm or even hot is normal.

This is because there are winding wires and iron core. The internal winding wires have resistance, which will appear in the form of heat when powered up. The same things would happen to icon core because there are hysteresis losses and eddy-current losses effects.

The motor will not burn out if the inner temperature wouldn’t up to the inner insulation grade. For instance, inner insulation will not burn if the inner temperature is no more than 130°C (266°F), so a surface temperature of 70-90°C (158-194°F) is safe, which will not influence the motor’s service life.

Let’s see the TYC50 synchronous motor. Its temperature rising is ≤65K (220V 50Hz). That means, when room temperature is 25°C (77°F), the motor surface will be upto 90°C (194°F). So that is why synchronous motors get too hot to touch.

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