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Linear Drive Motor DC Gear Motor Wireless Controller Remote Actuator 12V 24V DC

* Multifunction DC Motor Wireless Remote Controller
* Both Controller and Receiver Have Control Keys
* 12V and 24V Available
* Offer Customization Support
* Bulk Orders Enjoy Big Discount

$29.90 $33.90

Multifunction wireless remote controller. This can be connected to the limit switch, the receiver box has the control keys.
The remote control can be used to control electric linear drive moving up and down, or drive the motor clockwise and counterclockwise.
It has 12V and 24V models, please select the voltage before ordering.
This wireless DC controller works as a continuous type, that is, after coding with the motor, pressing start button, and the motor works. After hand leave, the motor continues to operate, until the stop button is pressed (Please ignore this step if the motor itself with a limit switch).

Model: Controller
Operating voltage: DC 12V; DC24V
Power: 68W
This wireless remote controller is suitable for all 2-wire brush DC motors and DC gear motors. But the motor “Rated Current” should be less than 10A.

【Package Content】
2PCS x  propellers
Instruction of DC wireless controller: When using DC wireless controller and motor, it is necessary to code in advance. The code method is as follows:
Firstly, pressing the code key, the light of the control box will flicker;
Secondly, press any key of the remote control for 2-3 seconds. The receiver box LED light keeps on, and flickers after 10 seconds, coding compleate. If not, please try one more time.
There is a slight discrepancy in measurements, please check before ordering!!

【 Guarantee】
Lifetime technical guidance support! You are welcome to share your usage process with us at any time.
1 year warranty (free exchange)


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12V, 24V

Model: DC Motor Remote Controller
Operating voltage: 12/24V DC
Power: 68W