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CHANCS 60KTYZ 220V AC CW/CCW Synchronous Gearbox Reduction Motor for Household

* AC Synchronous motor, low power consumption, low noise, large torque.
* Constant speed, not affected by voltage, and not easily damaged due to stalling
* Gears are combination of metal and plastic which ensures the motor works durable and quietly.
* Offer customization support(OEM), such as motor shaft, speed, torque, and wire length.
* Bulk orders enjoy big discount.

$24.90 $27.90

$34.80 for 2 item(s)

This product is a 60KTYZ 220V AC claw-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor with built-in gear reduction mechanism that can control forward and reverse operation.
It is also called gear reduction synchronous motor.
This motor has characteristics of low power consumption, large torque, low noise, light weight and convenient to use.

Product Name: Synchronous Motor
Model: 60KTYZ
Shaft Diameter: 7mm
Shaft Length: 25mm
Voltage: AC 220V
Speed: 1.2RPM,2.5/3RPM,5RPM,10RPM,20RPM,30RPM,50RPM
Power: 18W
Frequency: 50/ 60Hz

This is a Synchronous gear motor operates on AC 110V. Low noise and more robust.
It is an electric motor widely used for household, hand-made, school project, model agitated beverage machines, low-speed machines and anything else you want.
and its performance is stable and reliable, and it is trusted by users.

【Package Content】
1 x Synchronous Motor

1. The applicable voltage of this motor is AC 12V, over-voltage will burn the motor.
2. The motor speed is not an accurate value, the speed will change with the frequency. For example, the speed is 0.8RPM running at 50         Hz, while 1RPM at 60 Hz.
3. This motor is not suitable for PWM regulator and can’t be used as a speed control motor.
4. This motor is not suitable for all electrical appliances, please consult the advice of a professional electrician before
installation to avoid short circuit.

【 Guarantee】
Lifetime technical guidance support! You are welcome to share your usage process with us at any time.
1 year warranty (free exchange)

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 8 cm






1.2RPM, 2.5RPM, 5RPM, 10RPM, 20RPM, 30RPM, 50RPM

Model: 60KTYZ Shaft Diameter: 7mm Shaft Length: 25mm Direction: CW/CCW (UNCONTROLLABLE) Voltage: AC 220V Speed: 1.2RPM,2.5/3RPM,5RPM,10RPM,20RPM,30RPM,50RPM Power:18W Frequency: 50/ 60Hz